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Vienna tailor-made for you


Supersense founder Florian "Doc" Kaps and Marc Bittner have already shared several adventures together. Like putting whoopee cushions on their teacher's chairs. Exchanging mixtapes and listening to them late at night. Delivering messages for each other to the girl they liked but were too shy to talk to. Traveling the world, first with backpacks, then with wives, and children, and all. It's fair to say that they've done nearly everything together, so it's only consequent that they're now presenting Marc's brainchild Reiseschneiderei to the world together. With hundreds of travel guides out there it's fair to say that this one is really personal and a true companion for all adventures to come.


You plan to visit the wonderful city of Vienna? Yo're tired of a regular tourist guidebook 'off the peg' and exhausted of searching the Internet for the real insider tips? You want to explore on your own, without a tour group? As an individual traveler, how can you filter out the best possible combination of options among the countless attractions, places to see, discover and enjoy in Vienna?

Don't waste time & energy! Minimize the travel preparation time and optimize your enjoyment by using the service of REISESCHNEIDEREI instead!

Reiseschneiderei puts together a unique, personal, tailor-made travel guide (“Vienna tailor-made for you”) just for you. Tell us who you are and what you like by filling in our detailed online-questionnaire and we match your profile with the entries in our exclusive and up-to-date Vienna database to guarantee customized, personal suggestions which are perfect fit for your personality and interests. We cover it all: traditional sights, cafés, restaurants, shops, parks + hidden gems, surprises, rarities and much more. 100% customized recommendations. For memorable Vienna-experiences. Completely free of ads.


As a frequent traveler Marc started the project REISESCHNEIDEREI VIENNA because of his dissatisfaction with regular "one size fits it all" travel guides and the urge to develop unique & customized Vienna guides on his own. Vienna is his hometown which he knows really well, but still he discovers new interesting places, shops, restaurants and secrets nearly every day. And he collects all these discoveries to be able to provide his customers with tailor-made information and tips for their stay in Vienna.

Marc's motivated and committed team supports him in his manifold plans and ideas with creative input, diligence and good spirits!



Vienna tailor-made for you


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Revealing selected Viennese neighborhoods


Revealing selected Viennese neighborhoods